Sweet'n'Neat® Dry Roast Honey Nut Coating

A rich, functional blend of honey, sugar, and salt, Sweet'n'Neat® Dry Roast Honey Nut Coating is intended to be used as a coating for dry roasted honey coated nuts. This product adds a golden tan-colored coat to your formulations.
Product Overview

Convenient pre-blends of honey, sugar, and salt for coating dry-roasted nuts, shelled sunflower seeds, etc. Produces rich, golden-brown products that are deliciously sweet and salty,
with a touch of honey flavor. Use with Sweet'n'Neat® Tack Blend adhesive product. Mix Sweet'n'Neat® Tack Blend with water in the ratio of 46% tack blend to 54% water. Apply this adhesive solution at approximately 2% to 5.5% by weight of nuts. Tumble nuts until evenly coated with adhesive solution. Add Sweet'n'Neat® Dry Roast Honey Coating at approximately 12% by weight of nuts. Tumble nuts again until evenly coated. Dry roast at 400°F as in a typical procedure.

Product Specifications
Appearance: Powder
Color: Golden yellow
Odor: Sweet
Honey content: 8-10%
Allergens: Wheat, soy, manufactured on equipment that also processes lactose
Features & Benefits
Water soluble
Bread coatings
Dry roasted nuts
Nut coatings
Shelled sunflower seeds
Snack coatings