Engine Oil Additives
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Engine Oil Additives


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namekey propertiesdocumentation
HiTEC® 4313 Ashless copper corrosion inhibitor and extreme pressure additive for use in formulating fuel oils & greases. SDS* TDS
HiTEC® 611 Highly basic calcium sulfonate detergent additive for use in formulating a variety of automotive & industrial oils and greases. SDS* TDS
HiTEC® 614 Sulfonate detergent additive for deposit control in gasoline & diesel engine oils. SDS* TDS
HiTEC® 638 Ashless dispersant to control low temperature deposit formation in crankcase lubricants. SDS TDS
HiTEC® 643D Ashless dispersant additive to control sludge formation at low temperatures. SDS TDS
HiTEC® 646 High performance ashless dispersant additive to hold hydrocarbon and inorganic particulates in suspension. SDS TDS
HiTEC® 686 Calcium phosphonate/phenate based detergent additive for automotive lubricant formulating. SDS* TDS*
HiTEC® 7133 Friction modifier additive for formulating crankcase oils where fuel economy is required. SDS TDS
HiTEC® 7169 ZDDP extreme pressure/antiwear additive for lubricant formulating. SDS TDS
HiTEC® 7188 Antioxidant additive for use in formulating automotive and industrial lubricants. SDS TDS
HiTEC® 7197 ZDDP Antiwear/EP additive for gasoline or diesel engine oils. SDS TDS