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As engines get smaller, more complex and drive towards higher mileage capabilities, the requirements for the engine oil get equally more complex and difficult. There is a lot to balance when formulating an engine oil, between multi-weight viscosities, anti-wear protection, detergency and more. Aftermarket engine oil additives help maximize performance in a wide variety of lubricants. 

Why Use Afton HiTEC® Performance Additives? 

Afton Chemical is a leading supplier of specialty performance lubricant additive technology. The HiTEC® line of performance additives have decades worth of proven field experience meeting strict industry and OEM specifications. Afton also provides a broad range of additive technologies to help solve a myriad of lubricant challenges — some of the common grades used for Aftermarket Engine Oil packages are listed here as a reference.

Viscosity Index Improvers (VII)

VI Improvers are critical in maintaining desired protection and lubricant performance over a broad temperature range. The HiTEC® VI Improvers help protect against engine wear, reduce overall oil consumption, and reduce smoke & emissions produced. Learn More ►

The HiTEC® VII’s also provide:
  • Cost Effective Thickening
  • Robust Low-Temperature Performance
  • Multiple Shear Stability Index Options for Formulation Flexibility

Seal Swell Agents 

With so much chemical variety in base oil and additive packages, it’s important to keep elastomer compatibility in mind to prevent damage or leakage. These HiTEC® Additives provide solutions for preventing oil leaks and provide:

  • Strong Seal Swell Activity
  • Broad Range of Base Oil Solubility (Group I, II, III and IV)
  • Ashless, Metal Free, Chlorine Free Chemistry

Friction Modifiers

Modifying friction is an integral part of lubricant additive technologies, it’s important to reduce the coefficient of friction without sacrificing protective properties of the fluid. HiTEC® 7133 provides a solution for this problem, imparting great wear protection and preventing damage for mating surfaces.

  • Helps Improve Fuel Economy by Reducing Friction
  • Helps Maximize Acceleration & Horsepower
  • Prevent Damage & Wear, Extend Engine Life

Detergent & Total Base Number (TBN) Boost

Keeping an engine lubricant clean is a difficult task, with harsh temperature swings and combustion it is a non-stop battle to control deposits and keep metal surfaces clean. The HiTEC® 611 is a powerful technology to prevent and remove sludge and deposit formation and keep a lubricant running at optimal efficiency. The HiTEC® 611 also provides:

  • Excellent Filterability
  • Rust & Corrosion Protection
  • Excellent Phenate Compatibility

Anti-wear Additives 

Combustion engines provide very high intensity metal-to-metal contact and require very specific protection regimes to prevent damage or failure. There are a range of anti-wear additive technologies that help protect gears and gearboxes, the HITEC® 7169 is a zinc dialkyl dithio phosphate (ZDDP) based  additive that provides:

  • Superior Wear & Bearing Corrosion Control
  • Good Antioxidant Performance, Extending Lubricant Life
  • Very High thermal stability

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