HiTEC® 18940G

Winter diesel additive, contains detergent, cold flow improver, wax antisettling, deicer, thermal stability and corrosion inhibitor additives.
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Product Overview

HiTEC® 18940G is a multi functional diesel performance additive for use in cold weather environments. HiTEC® 18940G improves winter operability by greatly inhibiting wax formation and enhancing cold flow capabilities and low temperature handling.

HiTEC® 18940G is engineered with Afton's core Greenclean® Detergent technology that helps prevent loss of power, decrease downtime & related maintenance costs. HiTEC® 18940G delivers exceptional injector cleanliness with incredible control against deposit formation.

Product Specifications
Density, lbs/gal.: 7.58
Specific Gravity @ 15.6/15.6°C: 0.9091
Viscosity @ 40°C: 13.1
Flash Point, °C (C): 43 min.
Max Handling Temp: 40°C
Shelf Life: 24 months
Features & Benefits
Improves low temperature operability in a wide range of fuels by lowering the CFPP and pour point
Improves fuel filterability to prevent premature fuel filter plugging
Reduces risk of fuel line freeze-up or icing
Scalable to clean injector deposits (coking & sticky)
Compatible with modern diesel, ULSD and typical biodiesel blends
Problems Solved
Low Temp Diesel Solidification
Fuel Line Freeze Up & Restricted Injection
Diesel Deposit Build Up
HiTEC® 18940G treat rates will vary on desired performance and base fuel.
Some recommended treat rates are listed below and ranked by performance:

Improved Fuel Filter plugging and CFPP for Winter Operability - (1:3000)
Optimal Keep Clean (DW-10) - (1:2250)
Economic Real World Keep Clean/Clean Up - (1:1500)
Supreme Real World Clean Up - (1:750)