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SoyGold® Soy Methyl Esters


SoyGold® soy methyl esters are 100% soybean oil-based methyl esters that act as natural, multipurpose solvents. They offer significant regulatory and safety advantages over petroleum solvents and fuels, addressing the numerous EPA and environmental issues facing solvent users today.

Common applications are as a lubricity component in diesel fuel for consumers seeking environmentally safe alternatives and as a cost-effective cleaning agent. It is an extremely efficient solvent for industries such as printing, chemical formulating, and adhesives. They are non-toxic and non-flammable.

Problems Solved

Environmental and regulatory concerns with the use of hazard and non-biodegradable solvents, low KB value and solvency of organic and some hydrocarbon solvents, skin irritation of harsh petroleum-based solvents and hydrocarbons, high price and the increasing cost of citrus organic solvents (D-limonene), flammability and fast evaporation of commercially available solvents, high VOC formulations and EPA restrictions on high volatility solvents, high cost of the solvents package in highly competitive formulations, solvents green profile for use in personal care, cosmetics, agriculture, and cleaning formulations, dispersing and mixing issues of soy-based solvents with other organic or petroleum-based solvents.

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