Lugalvan® Electroplating Additives

Product Description

These additives are nonionic surfactants for the electroplating industry.

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Lugalvan® DC container
Lugalvan® DC is an aqueous emulsion of an ethylene copolymer that is commonly applied to metal surfaces to improve resistance to corrosion and to improve aesthetic appearance.
Lugalvan® P container
Lugalvan® P is an additive that is very soluble in saline media. The product is impervious to water hardness and protects metals against corrosion in acidic, neutral and alkaline media.
Lugalvan® HS 1000 container
Lugalvan® HS 1000 is used to formulate brightener additives and it is known for its stellar performance in combination with nonionic and anionic surfactants
Lugalvan® G 35 container
Lugalvan® G 35 is used to formulate brightener additives employed in the electroplating industry, especially as a polymeric basic brightener in zinc electrolytes.
Lugalvan® IZE container
Lugalvan® IZE has been developed for use in the formulation of brightener additives for the electroplating industry. It acts as a basic brightener in alkalin zinc and zinc-alloy plating, especially in cyanide-free baths.
Lugalvan® BNO 12 container
Lugalvan® BNO 12 is a nonionic surfactant for use in the electroplating industry and the chemical and allied industries.
Lugalvan® IMZ container
Lugalvan® IMZ is a water and alcohol soluble top brightener for zinc electroplating with a high concentration of >99.5%
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