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Arctic Gel™ 1010

Arctic Gel™ 1010 offers extraordinary performance characteristics and is available in traditional supersac packaging or more convenient 50 lb bags.




Product Overview

These polymers absorb and retain water effectively, have small particle size for ease of application, and are temperature stable.

Product Specifications

Apparent Bulk Density: Max 0.75 g/cm3       
Centrifuge Retention Capacity: Min 31 g/g
pH range: 5.5-6.5
Moisture Content: Max 5 weight %
Residual Monomer: Max 500 ppm
PSD on 850 microns: Max 0.3 weight %
PSD thru 106 microns: Max 1.00 weight %
Primary Chemistry: Sodium Polyacrylate

Features & Benefits

Excellent liquid absorption and retention - BASF SAPs can absorb up to 1000x their weight in fluid
High thickening capacity - our SAPs thicken fluids and turn them into a solid gel
Moisture control - BASF SAPs allow you to store absorbed fluids and release them over time
No-toxic, non-irritating, and environmentally friendly


Ice and gel packs, waste cleanup, mining, indirect food applications

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BASF Superabsorbent Polymers

BASF superabsorbent polymers, including the Medi Gel® and Artic Gel® brands of polyacrylates, are non-toxic granules capable of absorbing and retaining many times their weight in water. They have a unique surface cross-linking chemistry which prevents gel-blocking and allows liquid to flow freely to the particles for efficient absorption.

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