Lupasol® Polyethylenimeine Adhesion Promoters


Lupasol® polyethylenimeines are branched, multi-functional, cationic polymers.  Due to the polycationic nature of branched polyethyleneimine can be used in a wide range of applications. Lupasol® polymers will adsorb tightly to negatively charged surfaces.  This makes Lupasol® polyethyleneimines incredibly efficient as an adhesion promoter, primer, or tie-layer for dissimilar materials.  Additionally, the cationic nature of Lupasol® Polyethyleneimines makes them effective at dispersing cationic pigments.  Pigments dispersed with Lupasol® are easier to process and yield higher color strength.  Finally, Lupasol® can be used to flocculate and separate negatively charged contaminants and heavy metals from water and waste water sludge.

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