Sokalan® CP 10

Sokalan® CP 10 is a modified polyacrylic acid polymer fully neutralized as a sodium salt. It is available in a 45% aqueous solution with a viscosity of 500 cP and a K value of 20.
Product Overview
Sokalan® CP 10 is commonly used as a dispersing agent in systems containing active chlorine, as an antiscalant, and a dispersing agent for inorganic solids. It is also used in high pressure cleaners and bottle washing detergents.
Product Specifications
Physical form: Liquid
pH (10% active): 8.5
Molar mass: 4,000 g/mol
Viscosity: 500 cP
K value: 20
Primary Chemistry: Modified polyacrylic acid, sodium salt
Features & Benefits
Polyacrylates with a low molar mass
Low molecular weight dispersing agent
Particularly effective in dispersing inorganic solids
Stable and effective in Chlorine formulations
Stable when formulated with Sodium Hypochlorite
Effective in hard water solutions
Fully neutralized and low in viscosity
Inhibit scale formation formed by hard-water salts

Problems Solved
Low dispersing performance of high molecular weight and high viscosity sodium polyacrylates
Stability of acrylic dispersing agents in chlorinated cleaning products and detergents
Hard water scale formation in cleaning and water treatment applications
Dispersing difficulties of inorganic solids in concentrated formulations
Scale inhibitor and antiscalant
Dispersing agent for inorganic solids
Dish detergent formulations
Bottle washing detergents
Pressure washing cleaners and detergents
Institutional cleaning and sanitation
Protective colloid and dispersant for polymerized synthetic rubbers
Metal Cutting fluids dispersing agent