Sokalan® CP 5

Sokalan® CP 5 is a maleic acid-acrylic acid copolymer sodium salt that is supplied in a liquid form. It offers a molecular weight of 70,000, viscosity of 2,800 cP, and a K value of 60.
Product Overview
Sokalan® CP 5 is commonly used in laundry detergent as an anti-redeposition agent, an encrustation inhibitor, a viscosity modifier, and as a detergent process aid. It is especially effective at sequestering calcium and magnesium ions.

Sokalan® CP 5 is 40 CFR 180.960 approved and listed as an inert ingredient under 40 CFR 723.250 for use in pesticides and agriculture products.
Product Specifications
Physical form: Liquid
pH (10% active): 8
Molar mass: 70,000 g/mol
Viscosity: 2,800 cP
K value: 60
Primary Chemistry: Maleic acid-acrylic acid copolymer
Features & Benefits
High molecular weight dispersant
Liquid blend for easy handling and mixing
Effective in hard water at low addition rates
Sequestering calcium and magnesium ions
Effective in dispersing inorganic solids
40 CFR 180.960 approved
Listed as inert ingredient in 40 CFR 723.250
Problems Solved
Low molecular weight of commercially available dispersing agents for use in water treatment, agrochemicals, cleaning products, and industrial processes
Scale formation and precipitation of calcium and magnesium salts in dishwashing detergents and water treatment applications
CFR clearance for acrylic dispersing agents for use in agrochemical formulations
Separation of emulsions, microemulsions, and water wettable solid products
Water treatment scale inhibitor and mineral dispersant
Dishwashing detergents and cleaners
Agriculture emulsions, pesticides, and crop protection products
Sequestering agent for calcium and magnesium ions
Versatile dispersing agent for inorganic and organic solids
Dish washing and bottle washing detergents
Capsule suspensions
Oil and water emulsions
Microemulsions and suspension concentrates
Water dispersible solid products
Wettable powders and tank mix additives
Food service and kitchen cleaning products