Sokalan® PA 30 CL

Sokalan® PA 30 CL is a fully neutralized and low molecular weight polyacrylic acid. It is supplied in a 45% solids aqueous solution and excellent for use in bleach containing formulations.
Product Overview
Sokalan® PA 30 CL is an effective dispersing agent, anti-redeposition agent, and powder structurant in laundry applications. It is also commonly used as a scale inhibitor and dispersing agent in the water treatment industry.

Sokalan® PA 30 CL can also be used as a slurry viscosity modifier in laundry detergents. It also offers excellent stability and compatibility in chlorinated cleaning solutions.
Product Specifications
Physical form: Liquid
pH (10% active): 8
Molar mass: 8,000 g/mol
Viscosity: 1,400 cP
K value: 30
Primary Chemistry: Sodium Polyacrylate
Features & Benefits
Powder structurant for laundry products
Dispersing agent for cleaning solutions
Excellent stability in chlorinated formulations
Scale inhibitor and dispersant
Effective dispersant in hard water mediums
Dispersing agent for organic and inorganic
Problems Solved
Limited control over the viscosity of inorganic mineral slurries and pigment dispersions
Scale formation and precipitation of hard water salts in cleaning and water treatment applications
Low tolerance of polyacrylic dispersants in chlorinated formulations and bleach solution
Water treatment scale inhibitor and dispersant
Fabric cleaners and detergents additive
Auto-dish and dishwasher detergents
Chlorinated cleaning formulations
High solid cleaning products
Institutional cleaning and sanitation
Vehicle and transportation care products