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Belle Chemical Methylamine Based Solvents


Methylamines are C1 alkylamines organic compounds that are manufactured from the reaction of raw materials including methanol and ammonia gas. This reaction results in the three isomers: mono-, di- and trimethylamine, which are distilled and sold in both neat and aqueous solutions. The aliphatic amines are used as building blocks, reagents, solvents in a variety of industries including organic synthesis and production of fine and specialty chemicals.

Belle Chemical Company is the only domestic producer of dimethyl formamide (DMF), dimethylacetamide (DMAc), and dimethylamine solvents after the acquisition of the methylamines business unit from the Chemours Company starting from Jan 2020. They are clear, colorless gases available as liquefied compressed gas or as aqueous solutions.

Problems Solved

Poor thermal stability of solvents
Limited solvency in organic and inorganic systems
Limited water miscibility of solvents
Availability and supply reliability of methylamine solvents

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