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Thermogrip® 0720

A colorless, translucent hot melt adhesive for use with low and medium-temperature glue guns.


25lb Case



Product Overview

Thermogrip® 0720 is an extremely versatile adhesive. Applied at 280°F to 400°F, it bonds to most porous and many nonporous substrates.

End Markets: Consumer Products; Food & Beverage; General Industrial; Heavy Industry; Personal Care; Pulp & Paper; Transportation; Wood Products


- Corrugated to styrene and EPS for specialty packaging.
- Bonds to some PVC, nylon, and other plastics.
- Bonds to many open and closed-cell foams @ < 300°F
- Product assembly
- Insulation installation
Related Applications: Assembly & Run-in

Features & Benefits

- Offers excellent bonds to a wide variety of substrates at lower temperatures than conventional hot melts

Product Specifications

Color: Translucent
Size (dia. x length):
7 1/2" x 15"
1" x 3"
Tensile Strength/Elongation: 350 psi/500%
Softening Point: 215°F (102°C)
Specific Gravity, gms/cc: 0.98
Viscosity, cps:
@250°F (121°C) 15,500
@300°F (149°C) 5,500
@350°F (177°C) 2,300
Open Time: Medium (10 to 30 seconds)
Temperature Resistance: -20°F to 165°F (-28°C to 74°C)
Functions: Adhesive

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