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Bostik anti-seize and lubricating compounds are designed for a wide array of environments and applications. These products have been formulated to extend equipment life by protecting metal parts against rust, corrosion, galling, and seizure under heavy loads and high temperatures. Never-Seez® is commonly used in aerospace and aviation, agriculture, automotive, food processing, oil and gas, petro-chemical manufacturing, power generation, and steel foundry.
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Never-Seez® High Temperature Bearing Lubricant (NHTC-14, NHT-35, NHT-115) container
Non-Melting, Extreme High Temperature Bearing Lubricant (500°F to 1000°F.)
Never-Seez® High Temperature Stainless - NSSBT-8, NSSBT-16 container
Superior, high-temperature, Anti-Seize and Extreme-Pressure Lubricant that Protects Up To 2200°F (1204°C).
Never-Seez® Mariner's Choice - NMCBT-8, NMCBT-16, NMC-42 container
Heavy-duty Anti-Seize and Extreme-Pressure Lubricant Formulated to Protect Metal Surfaces from Saltwater Environments. (Up To 2450°F)
Never-Seez® Pipe Compound with PTFE - NPBT-8, NPBT-16 container
Superior Lubricating and Anti-Seize Compound Formulated to Provide Maximum Thread Lubrication in a Wide Range of Pipe Threads and Fittings.
Never-Seez® Black Moly - NSB-150, NSB-35 container
Extreme Pressure Anti-Seize Lubricant for non-destructive assembly & disassembly where high loads, high temperatures, and low speeds are encountered. (399°C and up to 500,000 psi)
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A partership between ChemPoint and Bostik for their Never-Seez® product line marks an initiative to provide the best possible customer service and value added services.