Bostik, Inc.

Never-Seez® High Temperature Bearing Lubricant

Key Applications

Process oven bearings, Heat treat ovens and furnaces, Kiln ovens and casters, Oven damper controls, High temperature exhaust fans

Product Description

Never-Seez® High Temperature Bearing Lubricant is an exclusive combination of a specially-formulated, high-temperature grease and lubricating enhancers that provides long lasting lubrication at temperatures between 500F to 1000F. High Temperature Bearing Lubricant is recommended for ball and roller bearings, bushings, and open and sealed bearings.


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High Temperature Bearing Lubricant Bostik Never-Seez® high temperature bearing lubricant offers excellent lubrication between 500°F to 1000°F (260°C to 538°C).  In addition providing good extreme pressure characteristics, it has no "dropping point" (will not melt) and contains no metallic particles. SDS* TDS*