Krytox™ oils for reactive gas applications

Krytox™ oils for reactive gas applications

Key Applications

seals, o-rings and valves

Product Description

These oils are compatible with oxygen and other reactive chemicals that are resistant to water washout. Used for reduction of friction and wear, and also used to extend equipment life in highly reactive environments.


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namekey propertiesdocumentation
Krytox™ NRT 8805 Oil It is a clear, colorless oil for use in vacuum pumps and oxygen compressors with a viscosity of 81 cSt @ 40 degrees C. SDS TDS*
Krytox™ TLF8996 Oil Safe in all reactive gases including oxygen, chlorine, fluorine, bromine. Won’t react with acids or bases. ISO viscosity of 7 and an ideal temperature range of –50°F to +200°F SDS TDS*