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Chemours Krytox™ fluorinated lubricants offer superior value for your lubricant dollar when compared to hydrocarbon-based lubricants. Long lasting Krytox™ oils and greases not only help you achieve optimal performance for your critical applications, but they can also help protect your components under extreme operating conditions.

Save Money & Increase Productivity.

A French airport authority was able to achieve annual savings of US$20,000 - $25,000 on the maintenance of its jet fuel pipeline. Maintenance is now performed every 30 months instead of every 4 to 6 months. Unscheduled shutdowns due to valve failures have been eliminated.

Enhance Workplace Safety.

A major US energy company was able to consolidate to a single grease solution in their commercial and residential meters. It is compatible with all equipment, non-flammable, offers increased employee safety, decreased product liability claims, all while optimizing their supply chain.

Increase Service Interval.

An American chemical plant was able to improve the performance of its anhydrous ammonia pumps by eliminating shaft wear and doubling the service life of shaft seals.

Better Serve Customers.

An Indian manufacturer of textile stenters was able to help its customers extend the re-lubrication interval for the stenter chain bearings from every eight months to once a year.

In today’s work environment, every minute is vital to our success. ChemPoint can help you achieve your goals by developing a tailored solution specific to your business and your end customers. Give us a minute or two today, and we’ll save you hours in the future.

Regardless of your market, industry, application, equipment, system, or environment, ChemPoint has the Lubricant expertise to meet your needs.


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