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    Chemours Krytox™ fluorinated lubricants offer superior value for your lubricant dollar when compared to hydrocarbon-based lubricants. Long lasting Krytox™ oils and greases not only help you achieve optimal performance for your critical applications, but they can also help protect your components under extreme operating conditions.


ChemPoint - Product Articles

Krytox™ Automotive Bearing

Krytox™ has proven scientific and technical properties to help solve the most critical issues in the automotive industry. Superior product performance, lower maintanence cost, and a lower environmental footprint help to meet rising consumer expectations. Learn More

ChemPoint - Product Articles

Krytox™ Automotive Non-Bearing

In automotive applications, Krytox™ oils and greases deliver low temperature starting performance, while maintaining efficacy at higher temperatures. These can increase service life of critical components, allowing them to run more quietly and last longer, for superior and reliable performance. Learn More

ChemPoint - Product Articles

Krytox™ Automotive NVH

Krytox™ is extensively used as both short term containment solution and long term NVH preventing lubricant. When used on moving parts, Krytox™ lubricants eliminate the buildup of friction and minimize shock and stress that causes squeaks, rattles, and damage.  Learn More

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Regardless of your market, industry, application, equipment, system, or environment, ChemPoint has the Lubricant expertise to meet your needs.


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