Cellulose Acetate

Cellulose Acetate

Key Applications

protective coatings; pressure sensitive tape; sealants; electronics; wood sealers; coatings; membrane filtration; paper coatings; lacquers; barrier coatings

Product Description

These are the least soluble and compatible products in the cellulose ester portfolio. While these attributes limit use in some formulations, they provide value in applications requiring chemical resistance and physical strength. Supplied in powder form, they have relatively high glass transition temperatures and uniform particle sizes.

Document: CA-394-60LF Sales Spec


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namekey propertiesdocumentation
CA-398-10 A low viscosity solution grade of cellulose acetate SDS* TDS*
CA-398-3 A very low viscosity solution grade of cellulose acetate used to formulate coatings for glass, paper and electronics SDS* TDS*
CA-398-30 A high viscosity, high molecular weight cellulose acetate powder SDS* TDS*
CA-398-6 A low viscosity solution grade cellulose acetate used to manufacture tapes and sealants SDS* TDS*
CA-436-80S A wood-based cellulose triacetate SDS* TDS*