Cellulose Acetate

Cellulose Acetate

Key Applications

Protective coatings; pressure sensitive tape; sealants; electronics; wood sealers; coatings; membrane filtration; paper coatings; lacquers; barrier coatings

Product Description

These are the least soluble and compatible products in the cellulose ester portfolio. While these attributes limit use in some formulations, they provide value in applications requiring chemical resistance and physical strength. Supplied in powder form, they have relatively high glass transition temperatures and uniform particle sizes.

Document: CA-394-60LF Sales Spec


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namekey propertiesdocumentation
CAB-171-15 CAB-171-15 has the lowest butyryl content grade in the CAB range, offering superior hardness and toughness. SDS TDS
CAP-482-0.5 CAP-482-0.5 is a cellulose acetate proprionate with a high solubility. Propionates are stable to UV light and nearly odorless. SDS TDS
CA-394-60LF CA-394-60LF is a low odor cellulose acetate with a very high melting point. SDS TDS*
CAP-482-20 CAP-482-20 is similar to CAP-482-0.5 except its high viscosity. SDS TDS*
CAB-321-0.1 CAB-321-0.1 is a cellulose ester resin with a low butyryl content. The low viscosity permits higher solids concentrations. SDS TDS
CAB-381-0.1 CAB-381-0.1 is a cellulose ester resin with a medium butyryl content and has the lowest molecular weight of the 381 range. This product is designed for use in curing coatings and inks. SDS TDS
CA-398-10 CA-398-10 is a medium viscosity cellulose acetate. It gives high strength and excellent chemical resistance in coatings and adhesives. SDS TDS
CAP-504-0.2 CAP-504-0.2 provides high cross linking, is soluble in alcohol and is nearly odorless. SDS TDS
CAB-381-0.5 CAB-381-0.5 is a cellulose ester with low viscosity and medium butyryl content. It is designed for relatively high solid applications. SDS TDS
CA-398-3 CA-398-3 is the lowest viscosity grade of the cellulose acetate range. It is used as additive in protective coatings for electronics, adhesives and plastic products. SDS TDS
CAB-381-2 CAB-381-2 is a resin with a high viscosity. It is effective in increasing cold-crack resistance and results in greater film toughness. SDS TDS
CAB-381-2 BP CAB-381-2 BP is similar to CAB-381-2 designed to meet the needs of European formulators. SDS TDS
CA-398-30 CA-398-30 is the highest viscosity grade in the cellulose acetate range. It provides valuable properties in protective coatings. SDS TDS
CAB-381-20 CAB-381-20 has the highest viscosity in its range and can be used as both binder and thickener in coatings and inks. SDS TDS
CA-398-6 CA-398-6 is a low viscosity cellulose acetate. It can be used as a performance additive in tapes and sealants. SDS TDS
CAB-381-20 BP CAB-381-20 BP is a slightly modified version of CAB-381-20 designed to meet the needs of European formulators. SDS TDS*
CAB-500-5 CAB-500-5 has a high butyryl and low hydroxyl content and medium viscosity. It results in flexible films requiring limited amount of plasticizers. SDS TDS
CAB-531-1 CAB-531-1 is a high butyryl cellulose ester resin. It provides tough films with good marring resistance. SDS TDS
CAB-551-0.01 CAB-551-0.01 is the lowest viscosity cellulose ester resin with the highest butyryl substitution. SDS TDS
CAB-551-0.2 CAB-551-0.2 is a high butyryl, and relatively low molecular weight resin. It is compatible with numerous cross-linking resins. SDS TDS
CAB-553-0.4 CAB-553-0.4 is a high butyryl, high hydroxyl cellulose ester resin. It is soluble in alcohols. SDS TDS

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