Royco® Ester Lubricants

Royco® Ester Lubricants

Key Applications

Hydraulic Fluids; Gear Oils; Bearing Oil; Greases; Compressor fluids; Aviation fluids; Pump Oils; Finished Fluids; Metal working fluids; General Industrial Fluids; Engine Oils; Turbine Oils; Marine Oils; Fuel Additives; Specialty Lubricants; Mil-Spec Lubricants

Product Description

These ester lubricants include hydraulic and aviation fluids, preservatives, turbine oils, drivetrain oils, performance greases and specialty products. They are engineered to meet or exceed the most rigorous application requirements including military specifications, Boeing approvals, and public transportation constraints.


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namekey propertiesdocumentation
Royco® 27 Multi-purpose instrument & airframe grease which meets MIL - PRF - 23827 specifications, NATO Specification: G-354 and Joint Service Designation: XG-287 SDS TDS*
Royco® 500 Synthetic Turbine Engine Oil which meets MIL - PRF - 23699 specifications. SDS TDS
Royco® 555 Turbine Engine & Helicopter Transmission Oil which meets DOD - PRF - 85734 specifications. SDS TDS
Royco® 560 High Temperature Stability Engine Oil which meets MIL - PRF - 23699 specifications. SDS TDS
Royco® 64 Advanced MoS2 syntheic grease which meets MIL - G - 21164 specifications. SDS TDS
Royco® 808 Low viscosity Turbine Engine Oil which meets MIL - PRF - 7808 specifications. SDS TDS
Royco® 885 Low-volatility instrument & general lubricating fluid which meets MIL - PRF - 6085 specifications. SDS TDS*
Royco® HF-825 High performance aircraft and industrial parts assembly grease. SDS TDS*