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Royco® Lubricants include a diverse portfolio of ester, group III mineral oil, and PAO-type lubricant chemistries. These lubricants serve compressors, pumps, service gears, bearings, and chains, are available in many grades and have received military and FAA approval.
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Royco® 22MS container
Extreme High-load carrying synthetic (PAO) grease. Specification: MIL-G-81827.
Royco® 634E container
Advanced weapons cleaner, lube & preservative which meets MIL - PRF - 63460, NATO - S-758 specifications.
Royco® 555 container
Turbine engine & helicopter transmission oil which meets DOD - PRF - 85734 specifications. NATO Specification: O-160. Joint Service Designation: OX-26.
Royco® 885 container
Low-volatility instrument & general lubricating fluid which meets MIL - PRF - 6085 specifications. NATO Specification: O-147. Joint Service Designation: OX-14 (equivalent).
Royco® 500 container
(5 cSt) Synthetic turbine engine oil which meets MIL - PRF - 23699 specifications. NATO Specification: O-156. Joint Service Designation: OX-27.
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When it comes to mil-spec performance, there is no better option than Royco®performance fluids & lubricants. Explore the portfolio today.