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    Military Performance Lubricants

    ChemPoint provides quality products & trusted service for Lanxess in North America for ROYCO® formulated lubricants.
ChemPoint - Product ArticlesChemPoint - Product Articles
  • 95% service levels 
  • Performance over a long life cycle
  • Suitable with a wide range of elastomers and gas chemistries
  • PAO, Ester and mineral oil based lubricants
ChemPoint - Product ArticlesChemPoint - Product Articles
    Lubricant Type
    Package Sizes
    Royco® 782MIL-PRF-83282D Am 1Fire Resistant Hydraulic Fluid
    36.45 lb. Pail
    42.54 lb. Case
    389.95 lb. Drum
    Royco® 481MIL-PRF-6081DCorrosion Protecting Compound for Aircraft Engines
    36.65 lb. Pail
    403.15 lb. Drum
    Royco® 756MIL-PRF-5606H(3)Synthetic Hydraulic Fluid
    36.9 lb. Pail
    44.28 lb. Case
    405.9 lb. Drum
    Royco® 950MIL-PRF-7024E Type IICalibration Fluid, Aircraft Fuel System Components
    32.05 lb. Pail
    343 lb. Drum
    Royco® 500MIL-PRF-23699F StdSynthetic Turbine Engine Oil
    41.8 lb. Pail
    50.16 lb. Case
    459.8 lb. Drum
    Royco® 808MIL-PRF-7808L Grade 3Advanced Synthetic Turbine Engine Oil
    37.9 lb Pail
    47.7 lb. Case
    436.7 lb. Drum
    Royco® 560MIL-PRF-23699F Class HTSAdvanced Synthetic Turbine Engine Oil
    49.74 lb. Case
    455.95 lb. Drum 
    Royco® 885MIL-PRF-6085DSynthetic Based Lubricating Aircraft Instrument Oil.
    38.45 lb. Pail
    46.14 lb. Case
    422.95 lb. Drum
    Royco® 27MIL-PRF-23827Synthetic Ester Grease
    22 lb. Case
    35 lb. Pail
    39 lb. Case
    42 lb. Case
    Royco® 555MIL-PRF-85734Synthetic Turbine Engine Oil
    41.45 lb. Pail
    49.74 lb. Case
    455.95 lb. Drum
    Royco® 11MSMIL-G-7711AHigh Load Grease
    35 lb. Pail
    Royco® 1MSMIL-M-7866Severe-Duty and Heavy-Load Anti-Seize Lube
    42 lb. Case
    Royco®  22MSMIL-G-81827Synthetic High Load Grease
    22 lb. Case
    42 lb. Case
    Royco® 308CAMIL-PRF-32033General Purpose Lubricant
    36.8 lb. Pail
    44.16 lb. Case
    404.8 lb. Drum
    Royco® 363MIL-PRF-7870Low Temperature General Purpose Lubricant
    36.6 lb. Pail
    36.81 lb. Case
    402.6 lb. Drum
    Royco® 43SAE-AMS-4343Lithium Based Grease
    35 lb. Pail
    39 lb. Case
    Royco® 44SAE-AMS 2518Graphite Anti-Seize Compound
    42 lb. Case
    Royco® 482MIL-STD-2073-1CAshless, Anti-Corrosion Preservative Oil
    37.35 lb. Pail
    410.85 lb. Drum
    Royco® 483MIL-C-6529Ashless, Anti-Corrosion Preservative Oil
    36.7 lb. Pail
    403.7 lb. Drum
    Royco® 581MIL-STD-2073-1CHighly Refined Preservative Oil
    414.15 lb. Drum
    2002.72 lb. Tote
    Royco® 586MMIL-PRF-6086Highly Refined, High Load Lubricant
    37.6 lb. Pail
    Royco® 602MIL-PRF-87252CSynthetic PAO Based Lubricant
    33.45 lb. Pail
    367.95 lb. Drum
    Royco® 634EMIL-PRF-63460Synthetic Weapons System Lubricant
    43.68 lb. Case
    440 lb. Drum
    Royco® 770MIL-PRF-46170 D Type IFire Resistant Hydraulic Fluid
    35.8 lb. Pail
    393.8 lb. Drum
    Royco® 899MIL-PRF-23699Synthetic Turbine Engine Oil
    48.5 lb. Case
    Royco® LGF (YELLOW)BMS-3-32 Type IIPremium Landing Gear Fluid
    36.5 lb. Pail
    401.5 lb. Drum
    Royco® 64MIL-G-21164Synthetic Molybdenum Grease
    35 lb. Pail
    39 lb. Case
    Royco® HF-825
    High Tack Assembly Grease
    42 lb. Case
ChemPoint carries additional Royco grades outside of those listed above. If you are searching for additional Royco materials please give us a call or chat with us today for pricing and availability! 


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