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Fluoroguard™ PCA Oil

Fluoroguard™ PCA is a colorless, odorless, nonflammable, and chemically inert polymer compounding additive based on fluorinated synthetic oil (perfluoropolyether). It has excellent color and UV/thermal stability. It also internally lubricates parts, offering excellent lubricity while not affecting chemical properties, and allows moving parts to turn easier and last longer.




Product Overview

Based on higher molecular weight oils Primarily used to enhance product performance Processing benefits are additional advantages SG is a purified form SG meets USP Plastics Class VI requirements Requirements for system and intracutaneous toxicity in critical medical applications Clear history of biocompatibility


Related Applications: Plastic Lubrication; Rubber & Elastomer Lubrication

Features & Benefits

Fluoroguard can improve processing of polymers by internally lubricating plastics and elastomers
Chemically inert
Color, UV, and Thermal Stability
Increases Wear Resistance
Increases Flex Fatigue Resistance
Improves Product Gloss
Improves Surface Lubricity
Reduces Coefficient of Friction
Reduces Squeak/Noise
Only used at 0.1-1.0%

Product Specifications

Average MW: 4800
Volatility: <1%
Viscosity (cSt at 50C): 101
Density (g/ml at 23C): 1.9
Primary Chemistry: PFPE
Chemistry: Perfluoropolyether (PFPE)
Functions: Anti-Friction Coating

Related Products

Fluoroguard™ Polymer Additives

Fluoroguard™ polymer additives act as an ingredient lubricant that migrates to the surface to reduce wear and abrasion, and improves polymer throughput and flow properties. Based on a fluorinated synthetic oil and improve mechanical performance, they are colorless, odorless, chemically inert, and available in three distinct formulations.

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