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Viton™ A Type precompounds are already cured di-polymers consisting of VF2 and HFP monomers and ready for use in the molding processes. Viton™ A Type precompounds contain 66% fluorine and are used in extrusion, injection molding, and coating solutions. Viton™ A products are excellent for use in the manufacturing of o-rings, valve stems, shaft seals, complicated shapes, fuel hose and tubing, coatings for fabrics, tanks, and chemical containers.

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Viton™ A-401C container
Viton™ A-401C, formerly called VTR-6600, is a precompounded fluoropolymer that provides superior resistance to compression set and improved rheology at high shear rates.
Viton™ A-361C container
Viton™ A-361C, formerly called VTR-7152, is a precompounded fluoropolymer with excellent mold flow and tear resistance. Viton™ A-361C is used when good adhesion to metal is required.
Viton™ A-331C container
Viton™ A-331C, formerly called VTR-6676, is a precompounded fluoropolymer with excellent mold flow that provides high tear elongation and resistance. Viton™ A-331C is designed for the injection and compression molding of complex shapes that require maximum hot tear.
Viton™ A-201C container
Viton™ A-201C, formerly called VTR-6402, is a precompounded fluoropolymer that offers a fast cure rate, excellent rheology and mold release in injection molding applications. Viton™ A-201C is designed for the injection molding of sealing devices.
Viton™ A-601C container
Viton™ A-601C, formerly called VTR-6806, is a high viscosity precompounded fluoropolymer that is designed for compression molding of sealing devices.
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