Soltrol® 10 Isoparaffin

High purity, low odor isoparaffin solvent with a low boiling point range of 200°F to 220°F and a flash point of 13°F.
Product Overview
Soltrol® 10 is an isoparaffinic solvent (isoparaffins C7 - C8) that has the highest vapor pressure and lowest boiling point of the Soltrol® isoparaffin product line. Soltrol® 10 isoparaffin is synthetically derived from hydrocarbons, of extremely high purity, and is low in aromatics resulting in a very low odor solvent. Soltrol® 10 isoparaffin is also a low-toxicity, low surface tension solvent with a controlled evaporation rate making it ideal for a broad range of applications and formulations. Soltrol® 10 does not cause corrosion to metal making the solvent highly suitable for use in metal contact applications.
Product Specifications

Typical Properties:
Composition, wt%
2,2,4-Trimethylpentane: 62%
Other Octane Isomers: 10%
Heptane Isomers: 28%
Purity, wt% Isoparaffins: 99+
Distillation Range at 760 mmHg, ºF, ASTM D 86
Initial Boiling Point: 204°F
Final Boiling Point: 217°F
Sulfur Content, ppm: <1
Nonvolatile Matter, mg/100 mL: 0.3
Color, Saybolt: +30
Specific Gravity at 60/60 ºF: 0.698
Density of Liquid at 60 ºF, lb/gal: 5.83
Vapor Pressure at 100 ºF, mmHg: 114
Flash Point: 13°F
API Gravity at 60 ºF: 70.6
Aromatic Content, ppm: <50
Acidity of Distillation Residue: Neutral
Doctor Test: Negative
Typical Kauri-Butanol Value: 28
Typical Aniline Point: 171°F

CAS Reg. No. 70024-92-9

Primary Chemistry: Hydrocarbons C7-C8, isoalkanes, < 2% aromatics
Features & Benefits
Low Odor Low Unsaturates Low Aromatic Content Low Toxicity Controlled Evaporation Non-Corrosive Low Freezing Point Low Skin Irritation
Problems Solved
Uncontrolled Evaporation Rate
Excessive Aromatic Content & Obnoxious Odor
High Surface Tension & Poor Wetting Performance
Metal Corrosion Due to Solvent
High Toxicity Solvents

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