Soltrol® Isoparaffin Solvents

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Isoparaffin Solvent Solutions

The Soltrol® isoparaffinic solvents are synthetic high purity, low odor, low toxicity solvents derived from hydrocarbons that are available in a broad range of distillation ranges and flash points. Why should you choose Soltrol® isoparaffins over mineral spirits or other organic solvents?

    High Purity

    Soltrol® isoparaffin solvents are synthetically derived from hydrocarbons via a modern alkylation process, yielding a finished solvent that is of 99% or higher isoalkane purity by weight.

    Low Odor

    Soltrol® isoparaffin solvents are low in aromatics resulting in a very low odor isoparaffin, making Soltrol® much more worker friendly and easier to use than mineral spirits & other odorous solvents.

    Low Toxicity

    Because Soltrol® isoparaffin solvents are low in aromatics, they are low toxicity solvents making them the ideal choice for applications where there is high solvent exposure or direct contact.

    Selective Solvency

    Soltrol® isoparaffin solvents will only dissolve nonpolar or low polarity compounds & have low solvency of resins reducing tendency to swell, making them ideal solvents for paints & coatings applications.

    Low Surface Tension

    Soltrol® isoparaffin solvents have low surface tension making them an ideal solvent for cleaning fluids & provides for improved flow and wetting properties of inks & alkyd paints.

    Controlled Evaporation

    Soltrol® isoparaffin solvents have a narrower boiling point range in comparison to mineral spirits allowing for more controlled evaporation rates & faster drying times saving you time & money.

    Low Freezing Point

    Soltrol® isoparaffin solvents have a low freezing point providing you with production flexibility and reducing the risk of operational shutdowns or product freezes during the colder winter months. 

    No Rust

    Soltrol® isoparaffin solvents are not corrosive to metal surfaces, making them excellent solvents for metal contact applications including metal cleaning & degreasing & vanishing fluids for metalworking.

    VOC Exempt

    Soltrol® isoparaffin solvents are non-reactive making them VOC exempt under EPA guidelines & helping you reduce your environmental impact & mitigate health risks caused by longterm VOC exposure.
Soltrol® isoparaffinics also meet the specification requirements of 21 CFR for direct and indirect food contact. Speak with a technical representative or click on the technical data sheet at the bottom of the page for more information on the specific 21 CFR applications.

Soltrol® Product Portfolio

Common Applications for Soltrol® Isoparaffins

Soltrol® isoparaffins are ideal for a wide range of applications from cleaners to paint & coating formulations to agrochemical solvents to metalworking vanishing oils...the list goes on. We've highlighted some of the common applications below and the recommended Soltrol® grades.


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