Soltrol® 130 Isoparaffin

High purity, low odor isoparaffin solvent with a boiling point range of 335°F to 410°F and a flash point of 144°F.
Product Overview

Soltrol® 130 high purity, low odor isoparaffinic solvent is widely used for a broad number of chemical and industrial applications. Soltrol® 130 isoparaffin provides low surface tension, low toxicity and low aromatic content. Soltrol® 130 also provides a consistent evaporation rate and is non-corrosive to most materials including metal.

Product Specifications

Typical Values:
Purity, wt% Isoparaffins: 99+
Distillation Range at 760 mmHg, ºF, ASTM D 86
Initial Boiling Point: 370°F
Final Boiling Point: 405°F
Sulfur Content, ppm: <1
Nonvolatile Matter, mg/100 mL: <1
Color, Saybolt: +30
Specific Gravity at 60/60 ºF: 0.763
Density of Liquid at 60 ºF, lb/gal: 6.36
Reid Vapor Pressure at 100 ºF, mmHg: 2.57
Flash Point: 144°F
API Gravity at 60 ºF: 53.9
Aromatic Content, ppm: <50
Acidity of Distillation Residue: Neutral
Doctor Test: Negative
Typical Kauri-Butanol Value: 26
Typical Aniline Point: 188°F

CAS Reg No. 68551-17-7

Primary Chemistry: C12-C14 Isoalkanes
Features & Benefits
Low odor Low unsaturates Low aromatic content Low toxicity Controlled evaporation Non-corrosive
Problems Solved
Poor Wetting Characteristics for Polishes, Waxes and Cleaners
Slow or Ineffective Evaporation Rates in Solvent Technologies
Solvent Incompatibility or Attack on Plastic or Rubber Surfaces

Adjuvants for Pesticides
Alkyd Paints
Catalyst Carriers
Ceramic Grinding
Cleaning Fluid
Dry Cleaning Fluid
Electrostatic Copy Fluids
Floor & Furniture Polishes
Insecticide Base Oils
Machine Cleaners
Paint Thinners
Paper Coating Formulations
Pharmaceutical Ingredients
Printing Inks
Polyolefin Reaction Diluents
Metal Finishing & Cleaning
Solvent-Based Lubricants
Vanishing Fluid
Waterless Hand Cleaners