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Tyzor® AA, titanium acetylacetonates

A liquid titanium chelate with acetylacetonate as the chelating agent. It is moderately stable in water for short periods of time.




Product Overview

Tyzor AA is typically used for adhesion promotion, but also frequently used for crosslinking in non-aqueous systems, catalysis and surface modification. They are soluble and or miscible in organic solvents or products like ethanol, isopropanol, butanol, ethyl acetate, IPA, methyl ethyl ketone and acetone.

Product Specifications

TiO2 %: 16.5
Active Content %: 75
Form: Liquid
Color: Yellow to Red
Solvent: 25% IPA
Specific Gravity: 0.99
Viscosity, mPa: 10
Pour Point C(F): 0(32)
Boiling Point C(F) Solvent: 82(179.6)
Flash Point C(F): 12(53.6)
Solubility: Miscible in most organic solvents. Decomposes in water

Features & Benefits

Improved drying, solvent resistance, heat resistance adhesion to substrates such as aluminum and polyolefin foils in printing applications.
Elimination of by products, high yield and easy work up in esterification and transesterification under mild conditions.
Improved surface hardness, dispersibility, coloring effects, corrosion protection and heat and light reflection in coating applications.
When combined with metal alkoxides, produce metal oxide systems for use as binders or coatings

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