Tyzor® Organic Titanates and Zirconates

What is Tyzor®?

Tyzor® is a range of products, based on organic titanates or zirconates, manufactured by Dorf Ketal. Dorf Ketal is a leading global supplier for organometallic chemistries that fits every application and formulation needs. The product range is specifically engineered to cover versatile reactivity and functionality. Tyzor® grades are highly efficient catalysts, crosslinkers, adhesion promoters, surface modifiers, and reagents.

Why should you consider Tyzor® instead of competitive titanates?

Top Quality Titanates

Tyzor® products are top quality and high uniformity titanates. It offers the highest TiO2 consistency in the market with ultra-low chloride content.

Superior Supply Chain Capabilities

The product range offers cost stability, short lead time, no minimum order quantity compared to any imported material. Tyzor® is also available in different package options.

Technical and Regulatory Support

A team of technical specialists is available for your questions and formulation assistance. Tyzor® products are compliant with REACH regulations and manufactured in Dorf Ketal's ISO-certified facilities.

Featured Tyzor® Grades


TYZOR® IAM is a titanium-based phosphate complex. The product is engineered for improved stability and enhanced adhesion performance in printing inks. It provides:

  • Improved adhesion to substrates

  • High reactivity during curing

  • No Acetylacetone or toxic release

  • Improved stability vs. Polygel titanates


TYZOR® LA is a titanium chelate designed for water based formulations. The product can be used as a crosslinker, reaction catalyst or as a binder. It provides:

  • Improved adhesion for inks & coatings

  • High yield esterification catalyst

  • Crosslink binders in paint formulations

  • Advanced hardness & heat resistance 

Tyzor® Applications

Printing Inks

Adhesion promoters to low surface energy substrates
Binder for Inks to improve drying rates
Improve resistance to heat, cold, moisture, solvents and abrasion
Increases lamination bond strength without yellowing or disoloration
View Tyzor® grades for Inks

Paints and Coatings

Crosslinker to improves adhesion and enhance coatings resistance
Leveling and drying control agent by bonding inorganic fillers with resins
Provide corrosion protection for metal coatings
Improve dispersion and prevent splatter in low VOC paints 
View Tyzor® grades for Coatings

Adhesives and Sealants

Improve adhesion and crosslinking in polypropylene oxide, acrylate, alkene oxide, and polyurethane adhesive systems
Ideal replacement for toxic materials such as tin
Enhance adhesion and crosslinking in silicone sealants
View Tyzor® grades for Adhesives

Polymers and Plastics

Catalysts to increase polymerization reaction rates in Polyolefin production with minimal byproducts
Used in esterification and transesterification reactions in polymer synthesis processes
View Tyzor® grades for Plastics

Oil and Gas

Viscosity builder for fracturing fluids by crosslinking of guar and other polymers with other organics
Deliver proppant (sand) into cracks for natural gas and tight oil extraction
View Tyzor® grades for Oil and Gas

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