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Tyzor® Organic Titanates and Zirconates


Tyzor® Organic Titanates and Zirconates are organometallic materials consisting of functional organic groups associated to a titanium or zirconium atom via and ester linkage.  The organic groups on of the titanate or zirconate are used to vary the chemical reactivity of the compound and allows for the creation of properties that make Tyzor® useful to formulators.  These organotitanium and organozirconium materials are most often used as catalysts, coupling agents, adhesion promoter, and as titanium dioxide or zirconium dioxide source in a variety of industrial applications.   


Tyzor® Titanates and Zirconates are excellent catalysts for esterification, transesterification, and ziegler-natta reactions.  Tyzor® Titanates function as a Lewis acid and results in faster reaction rates and higher yield.  In addition, titanates are a safe, non-toxic alternative to traditional catalysts like sulfuric acid, tin, or antimony.  


Another common use for Tyzor® Titanates and Zirconates is cross-linking agent.  The titanium and zirconium atoms in these materials have a high affinity for hydroxyl and carboxyl functional groups on the polymers used will work to cross-link the polymers.  This crosslinking property is often used in adhesive and sealants to control the cure speed and improve durability of the cured formulation.  The cross-linking nature of titanates is also useful in hydraulic fracturing fluid applications for building viscosity of guar or polymer based fluids.


Due to their high reactivity, Tyzor® Titanates and Zirconates are also commonly used as adhesion promoters for coatings and inks.  By applying Tyzor® as a primer or adding it into the formulation, adhesion can be improved between functional binders in the formulation and many inorganic and organic materials.  This improvement in adhesion is especially apparent after exposure to moisture or chemical aging.


When applied to surfaces Tyzor® Titanates and Zirconates will form a film of titanium dioxide or zirconium dioxide.  This property is incredibly useful for corrosion protection and glass coating applications.  The films created by Tyzor® have a high degree of reflectance and are commonly used to add visual effects to glass.

Tyzor® Titanates and Zirconates are available in 3 product families; orthoester, solvent-based chelates, and water based chelates.  These product families contain many grades that vary in reactivity and properties, however, in general the orthoesters are the most reactive, followed by the solvent-based chelates, and finally the water-based chelates which are actually water stable.  To learn more please select a Tyzor® grade below.

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