ADCOTE™ 536B is part B of a two component polyester urethane laminating adhesive system. It is used in combination with ADCOTE™ 536A for laminations utilizing slip modified films.
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Product Overview
ADCOTE™ 536A and 536B are used for laminating aluminum foil and a variety of polyester, polyolefin and coextruded films typically used in food, medical and industrial packaging applications. It was specifically designed for optimum performance where slip modified films are used and applications requiring excellent heat and chemical resistance.
Product Specifications

Solids: 75%
Viscosity: 1800 cps
Weight/Gallon: 9.4 lb
Solvent: Ethyl Acetate
Mix Ratio: 11.0 pbw
Diluents: Urethane grade ethyl acetate, methyl ethyl ketone, or toluene

Primary Chemistry: Polyester Urethane
Features & Benefits
Adhesion to high slip films
Moisture resistant
Long pot life
Low nip temperature
High running solids
Adhesion to foil and metallized films
Stand up pouch, meat and cheese packaging,
snack food packaging, frozen food packaging,
confectionery packaging, medical and pharmaceutical packaging, condiment packaging, portion packs, general industrial