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Coreactants are curatives specifically designed to be used with Dow Laminating Adhesives. These curing agents improve adhesive performance.

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CR 7-103 container
CR 7-103 is a curative that is used with the water-based polyurethane adhesive AQUA-LAM 444A. It provides optimum bond strength and excellent clarity.
COREACTANT F container
COREACTANT F is a polyurethane resin that is used in 2 component ADCOTE laminating adhesives. It forms bonds with excellent heat resistance.
COREACTANT 9H1H container
COREACTANT 9H1H is a curing agent for 2K polyester adhesives. It's recommended for use with ADCOTE 122HV, ADCOTE 76H5, ADCOTE 76P1-38, and ADCOTE 76R36B-33.
CR 87-124 container
CR 87-124 is a polyether polyol coreactant that is designed to be used along with LAMAL 408-40 as part of a 2 component laminating adhesive system.
COREACTANT 9L10 container
COREACTANT 9L10 is an isocyanate coreactant that is used in 2 component polyester adhesive systems. It is recommended for use with ADCOTE adhesives.
CR 9-101 container
CR 9-101 is an isocyanate coreactant used with ROBOND water based acrylic emulsions to maximize adhesion of the laminating adhesive in flexible packaging.
Coreactant CR-5 container
COREACTANT CR-5 is a polyol that is used as a part of the MOR-FREE L75-197 solventless polyurethane adhesive system.
CR 89 container
CR 89 is a polyol that is used in combination with PACACEL L75-191 as a 2 component, solventless, laminating adhesive used in flexible packaging.
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