ROBOND™ L-148EU is a two component, VOC compliant, waterborne adhesive used for manufacturing multi-layer films made from flexible substrates.
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Product Overview
ROBOND™ L-148EU is a two component laminating adhesive that is used to manufacture flexible composite films for packaging applications. In combination with CR 9-101, ROBOND™ L-148EU provides high clarity, low nip temperature, and low foam in laminating & converting operations. ROBOND™ L-148EU can be applied as provided to metallized films, nylon, PET, polyethylene, and polypropylene. Lamination should be carried out with a nip temperature of 60-90°C and slitting/rewinding can be performed after 5 minutes at 25°C.
Product Specifications
Solids: 49%
Viscosity (25°C): 50 mPa·s
Weight / Gallon: 8.80 lb
Solvent: Water
Mix Ratio by Wt: 100 : 2.0
pH: 7
Wet Appearance: Liquid, Milky white
Dry Appearance: Clear, Transparent
Features & Benefits
Low nip temperature
Good adhesion to high slip films
High clarity
Low foam
VOC compliant
Fast slit/rewind time
Problems Solved
Tunneling and adhesion failure of multilayer films made from flexible substrates.
Packaging films & laminates