ROBOND™ L-148 is a two component water-based adhesive system used to make food packaging. It has good open time and low foaming making it easy to use.
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Product Overview
ROBOND™ L-148 should be used with Coreactant CR 9-101 in order to reach maximum adhesion and higher performance properties. The two part system is FDA CFR175.105 compliant and it adheres well to many packaging substrates including polyethylene,, polypropylene, PET, foil, and paper. ROBOND™ L-148 is easy to mix and has a long pot life allowing for flexibility in the lamination process. It has excellent green bond strength allowing for fast slitting post lamination.
Product Specifications
Solids: 49%
Viscosity @ 77°F or 25°C: 50 cps
Weight/Gallon: 8.8 lb/gallon

pH: 7.0
Solvent: None

Coreactant: CR 9-101
Mix Ratio, pbw 100 2.0
Diluents Water
Wet Appearance: Milky White
Dry Appearance: Clear and Transparent
Shelf Life: 14 months (unopened containers) Freeze/Thaw Stability: Protect from Freezing
Primary Chemistry: Waterborne Acrylic
Features & Benefits
VOC Complaint
High Clarity
Long Pot Life
Works on a wide variety of films
Fast slitting of reduced WIP
FDA 21 CFR175.105 Compliant
FDA 21 CFR177.1395 Compliant
Problems Solved
Restrictions regarding VOCs in laminating and packaging adhesives
Short pot life that does not allow for the proper working time and application of an adhesive
Bottle Labels; Stand Up Pouch; Large Format Bags; Hot Fill Pouches; Shrink Labels; Produce Packaging; Meat Packaging; Snack Food Packaging