ROBOND™ L-330, is a two-component, low foam, water-based adhesive. It's primary use is to laminate films and foils used in flexible packaging applications.
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Product Overview
ROBOND™ L-330 should be used in combination with Coreactant CR 9-101 in order to achieve peak performance. This VOC compliant adhesive system provides excellent adhesion to many common packaging films including treated polyolefins, nylon, polyester, and aluminum foil. It also has broad FDA compliance so it can be used to make laminations for most food packaging applications. In addition the high heat, chemical, and moisture resistance of ROBOND™ L-330 also make it a good adhesive for industrial applications. Laminations made with ROBOND™ L-330 can be slit 10 minutes post processing. This incredibly fast processing time coupled with a pot life of 8 hours allow for increased efficiency of water-based lamination operations.
Product Specifications
Solids 45%
Solvent: None
Mix Ratio: pbw 100 2.0
Wet Appearance: Milky White
Dry Appearance: Clear and Transparent
Shelf Life, 77°F (25°C) 14 months
(unopened containers)
Primary Chemistry: Waterborne Acrylic / Polyurethane
Features & Benefits
Alcohol-free reduction
High clarity
Low foam
Higher heat and chemical resistance compared to other ROBOND™ products
Fast time to slit (10 min)
Long pot life (8 hours)
Broad FDA compliance
Problems Solved
Failure of laminating adhesive due to high heat. that is bonding films for flexible packaging applications
Gelling of adhesive due to short pot life
Delays in flexible packaging film production due to long slitting times
Stand Up Pouches; Hot Fill Pouches; General Industrial; Snack Food Packaging; Condiment Packaging; Produce Packaging; Confectionery Packaging