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Dow Heat Transfer Fluids

Peace Of Mind With DOW®

Dow's heat transfer fluids stand apart in the industry due to their dynamic properties and broad portfolio of specialized brands: DOWCAL™,  DOWFROSTTMDOWTHERMTM, and SYLTHERM™.  Don't jeopardize your equipment with bargain brand fluids that fail to protect key components, when it comes to heat transfer, think Dow.


DOWFROST™ is a specially formulated propylene glycol with highly engingeered inhibitor packages to prevent corrosion & galling in a range of closed loop heat transfer systems.  DOWFROST™ is widely used in water-based HVAC, process heating & cooling in both industrial & food manufacturing.  DOWFROST™ is made from DOW PuraGuard Propylene Glycol USP/EP with a specified purity of greater than 99.8%, allowing the fluid to last longer than the competition & reduce overall fluid expense. 

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DOWTHERM™ fluids are formulated with either an organic synthetic or inhibited glycol fluid.  A wide range of DOWTHERM™ grades exist for a variety of specialized and technical applications that require more out of their heat transfer fluids.  

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SYLTHERM™ fluids are low viscosity silicone-based heat transfer fluids that offer extended service life & excellent heat transfer properities.  SYLTHERM™ has a dynamic temperature range for both extreme low & high temperatures while also providing a low-odor & low-toxic fluid. 

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DOWCAL™ heat transfer fluids has multiple grades stemming from ethylene and propylene based glycols to meet a wide range of system requirements.  When you choose DOWCAL™, you can be confident the fluid will provide long-lasting protection and performance without jeopardizing the integrity of your equipment.   DOWCAL™ can be used in a variety of applications, from renewable energy, HVAC systems, chemical, pharmaceutical and food manufacturing.
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