Synthetic Organic Heat Transfer Fluid for Liquid & Vapor Phase Processes for Applications between (60°F and 750°F).
Product Overview

DOWTHERM™ A is a synthetic organic thermal fluid based on a eutectic mixture of two highly stable compounds (biphenyl (C12H10) and diphenyl oxide (C12H10O). DOWTHERM™ A can be used in both liquid and vapor phase systems and is suitable for indirect heat transfer applications.

DOWTHERM™ A heat transfer fluid provides excellent thermal transfer in applications between 15°C and 400°C (60°F and 750°F).

Product Specifications

Temperature: 60 to 750°F (15°C to 400°C)
Vapor Pressure: 152.02
Specific Heat: 0.373°F
Viscosity: 4.91
Density: 66.0 lb/ft3
Freezing Point: 53.6°F
Flash Point: 236°F
Autoignition: 1110°F

Primary Chemistry: Biphenyl and diphenyl oxide
Features & Benefits
Most stable organic fluid available Highest use temperature Liquid and vapor phase Mixture of diphenyl oxide and diphenyl With low viscosity to minimize startup problems, and a freezing point of 54 °F, Can be used without steam tracing in installations protected from the weather
Problems Solved
Thermal Fluid Instability at Extremely High Temperatures
Single Phase Fluid Inefficiencies & Warehousing
High Operating Pressure Vapor Phase Concerns
Insufficient System Thermal Stability

Dowtherm™ A can be used in a wide variety of heat transfer fluid applications, including but not limited to:

Indirect Heat Transfer
Recovery Loops & Heat Exchanger
Vapor & Liquid Phase Systems
Nylon Production Processes
PET Fiber Manufacturing Processes
PET Resin Production
Lubricant Stock Refining
Oil & Gas Refineries