Synthetic Organic Thermal Fluid for Liquid Phase Heat Transfer Processes for Applications between (20°F and 675°F).
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Product Overview

DOWTHERM™ G is a synthetic organic heat transfer fluid that offers excellent heat transfer for liquid phase systems.

DOWTHERM™ G is a mixture of di- and tri-aryl compounds that provide unrivaled performance and stability for low pressure thermal fluids.

Dowtherm™ G provides excellent flow characteristics at lower temperatures.

Product Specifications

Temperature: 20 to 680°F
Vapor Pressure: 49.12
Specific Heat: 0.363°F
Viscosity: 146
Density: 70.34
Freezing Point: <40°F
Flash Point: 266°F
Autoignition: 1083°F

Primary Chemistry: Mixture of di- and tri-aryl ethers
Features & Benefits
Mixture of di- and tri- aryl compounds Liquid phase only, pressurized above 290°C Lower pressure than DOWTHERM A Fluid Good physical properties
Problems Solved
Ineffective Liquid Phase Heat Transfer
Poor Thermal Fluid Stability
Inferior Low Temperature Heat Transfer Fluid Flow Characteristics

Dowtherm™ G can be used in a wide variety of heat transfer applications, including but not limited to:

Indirect Heat Transfer Exchangers
Vapor & Liquid Phase Systems
Polystyrene Production Processes
Polycarbonate Manufacturing
Heat Recovery Process Loops
Lubricant Stock Refining
Oil & Gas Boilers & Refinery Equipment
Off-shore Refineries