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ISO 220 polyalkylene glycol oil with low solubility with hydrocarbons commonly used in reciprocating compressors in natural gas service.


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Product Overview

A water-soluble polyalkylene glycol lubricant specially formulated for use in high-pressure reciprocating compressors in natural gas service. It has a viscosity of 195 cSt @ 40 °C.

End Markets: Chemical & Petrochemical; Energy Generation & Utility; Oil & Gas


Used in high-pressure reciprocating compressors in natural gas service. 
Related Applications: Compressors

Features & Benefits

Low solubility with hydrocarbons
Water- soluble
Good lubricity for cylinder lubrication
Nonplugging in oil field formations

Product Specifications

Viscosity (cSt at 40°C): 195
Viscosity Index: 229
Pour Point: -43
Density, lb/gl: 8.75
Primary Chemistry: Polyalkylene glycol 
Chemistry: Polyalkylene Glycol (PAG)
Functions: Oil

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UCON™ Polyalkylene Glycol Compressor Fluids

Ucon™ polyalkylene glycol compressor fluids are water-soluble lubricants formulated for use in reciprocating and rotary screw compressors. They are water-soluble with very low solubility to hydrocarbons. Natural gas does not dissolve the lubricant or reduce the lubricant viscosity, which results in greater longevity.

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