UCON™ Polyalkylene Glycol Formulated Fluids


UCON™ polyalkylene glycol formulated fluids include calendar lubricants, coatings fluids, hydraulic fluids, metal working fluids, solder assist fluids, defoamers, textile rubber fluids, and food grade lubricants. They feature excellent lubricity, high viscosity indices, low pour points, clean burning properties, strong stability, and gas solubility and work well where high temperatures can degrade petroleum-based products. Applications range from hydraulic fluids to quenchants, and from machinery, gear and bearing lubricants to compressor lubricants.
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UCON™ LO-500 container
A liquid oleyl alcohol-propylene oxide polymer that is colorless to yellow in appearance and has a mild odor designed for use in oil field applications.
UCON™ FG-46 container
ISO 46 Propylene Glycol-Based Hydraulic Fluid designed for use in the food processing applications.
UCON™ EPML-X container
Metalworking Coolant, Mixture of Alkanolamine & Anionic Polymer for Heavy-Duty Machining Applications. (4000-5600 cSt @25°C)
UCON™ Trident AW 68 container
ISO 68 polyalkylene glycol, environmentally acceptable lubricant (EAL) hydraulic fluid for use in sensitive locations.
UCON™ 1281 container
ISO 460 polyalkylene glycol designed for use in synthetic coolants for low-temperature, ferrous and nonferrous metalworking operations.
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UCON™ formulated fluids provide a broad portfolio of lubricants, hydraulic fluids, compressor fluids, metal surface coatings & more. Explore the solutions from Dow Chemical and the UCON™ product line.