UCON™ Polyalkylene Glycol Heat Transfer Fluids


UCON™ Polyalkylene Glycol Heat Transfer Fluids are formulated for high-temperature, liquid-phase heat transfer in systems requiring bulk fluid temperatures up to 500 degrees F. Their unique formulation allows for a trouble-free service life due to thermal stability in vented systems. These heat transfer fluids are less likely to form coke, lacquers, and resinous deposits than petroleum products. In addition, the UCON™ line is water soluble for easy cleanup.

Common applications include use in chemical processing equipment, laminating and calendaring rolls, dies, molds, drying rolls, ovens, and die casting equipment.
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UCON™ HTF 500 container
Polyalkylene Glycol (PAG) Thermal Fluid for Liquid-Phase High Temperature Transfer Applications up to 500°F (260°C).
UCON™ Process Fluid WS container
Multi-purpose Heat Transfer Agent for Manufactured Products
UCON™ 50-HB-280-XY23 container
Water Soluble Butanol-Ethylene Oxide / Propylene Oxide Polymer-Based Fluid for Thermal Transfer in Open, Vented Systems. (56 cSt @100°F)
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