Molykote™ Dispersions

Molykote™ Dispersions

Product Description

Match your industrial lubricants to the performance your need. With a wide range of application-matched formulations, Molykote brand lubricating  dispersions provide excellent choices to meet your specialized, industrial lubrication needs.  Many products are offerred in easy to use aerosol spray.

Molykote brand dispersions may be preferred for applications in which you need solid-lubricant performance in a liquid form. These offer you:

• Different base oils, acting as carrier fluids for a wide range of solid lubricants
• Solvent carriers that evaporate leaving a wet-film lubricant in place
• Lubricant solids such as MoS2 (molybdenum disulfide)

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namekey propertiesdocumentation
Molykote™ 316 Silicone Release Silicone based release agent offering food certifications and commonly used in beverage and food manufacturing. SDS TDS*
Molykote™ M Gear Oil Additive Dispersion of molybdenum disulfide in mineral oil offering performance under extreme pressure and commonly used for petroleum oils. SDS TDS
Molykote™ 316 Silicone Release Spray The same as 316 Silicone Release dispersion except that it comes in aerosol form. SDS* TDS
Molykote™ 557 Silicone Dry Film Lubricant Silicone based dry film lubricant offering exceptional release and commonly used in extreme-pressure environments. SDS TDS
Molykote™ 557 Silicone Dry Film Lubricant (Aerosol) The same as 557 Silicone Dry Film Lubricant except that it comes in aerosol form. SDS TDS
Molykote™ L-0501 High Performance Penetrating Lubricant Penetrating lubricant offering protection against wear, corrosion, and oxidation. Commonly used for disassembly and lubrication. SDS TDS
Molykote™ L-8030 Lubricant A quick dry lubricant for plastics that consists of a perflouro oil filled with PTFE and a flouro solvent. SDS* TDS
Molykote™ Metal Protector Plus Wax and solvent based coating offering corrosion protection and commonly used for metal parts which have to be stored or transported. SDS TDS
Molykote™ Z Powder Molybdenum disulfide based solid lubricant offering extreme pressure and oxidation resistance. Commonly used for metallic components and metalworking compounds. SDS TDS

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