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WALOCEL™ CRT 30 PA has the lowest viscosity of the WALOCEL™ product range. It yields a viscosity of 30 cP.




Product Overview

WALOCEL™ CRT 30 PA is a powder which can be blended with other solid ingredients prior to the addition of water. It is a thickener and binder, has excellent water-binding and film-forming properties in adhesives, batteries and ceramics.

Related Technologies: Acrylic Adhesives; Heat Seal Coatings; Hot Melt Adhesives; Pressure Sensitive Adhesives; Water Based Adhesives


Related Applications:  Aerospace; Architectural; Automotive; Ceramics; Corrogated Boxes; Glues; Industrial; Machinery & Appliances; Packaging; Paper & Consumables; Sealants; Tapes; Textiles; Wood Glues

Features & Benefits

Water soluble at any temperature
High surface tension, less foam formation
Excellent viscosifier; reversible viscosity decrease upon heating
Stable in a wide pH-range (pH 3.5 – 12)
Compatible with nearly all other hydrocolloids
No odor and no taste
Forming fat, oil and organic solvent resistant films

Product Specifications

Viscosity, Brookfield, LVT, SP.3, 30 RPM, 1% aqueous solution (dry basis), 25°C: 25 - 30 cP
Substitution, degree of 0.82 — 0.95
pH Value, 1% aqueous solution: 6.5 — 8.5
Total salt content, dry basis 0.50 Max
Chemistry:  Cellulose Ethers
Functions:  Binders; Rheology Modifiers; Thickeners

Related Products

WALOCEL™ Cellulose Ethers

WALOCEL™ cellulose ethers are water-soluble polymers derived from cellulose. Walocel is used as a thickener and binder for a variety of applications such as ceramics and adhesives. It has excellent film-forming and water-binding properties.

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