Benzoflex™ 352

Solid plasticizer used to clean hot melt adhesive rolls.
Product Overview
Benzoflex™ 352 is a white flake solid with a melt point of 118°C that is used to clean and purge reactive hot melt adhesive equipment. It also modifies melt flow characteristics with improved resistance to yellowing in powder coatings.
Product Specifications
Acidity (as benzoic acid), % max: 0.2
Appearance: White solid flake
Assay (ester content), % min: 98.0
Color (10% in Acetone), APHA, max: 50
Hydroxyl number, mg KOH/g, max: 15
Moisture, % max: 0.1
Flash point, °C, COC: 258
Melt point (last crystal), °C: 118
Molecular weight: 352
Odor: Slight
Specific gravity (solid at 25°C): 1.1363
Primary Chemistry: Dibenzoate plasticizer
Features & Benefits
High melting point
Less volatile at high temperature
Compatible with most polymer adhesive systems
Increases roller life
Increases machine life
Maximizes production
Problems Solved
Residual or sticky hot melt adhesives on rolls
Yellowing issues of powder coating
RV manufacturing
Laminates and flat panels
Wood products
Cooling tower fill