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Membrane Material

Key Applications

Membrane Filtration; Natural Gas Filtration

Product Description

Eastman Membrane Material is a line of high–molecular weight cellulose acetates designed specifically as a raw material for manufacturing cellulose acetate membranes. Various materials are available for filtration membrane manufacturing, including cellulose acetate, cellulose diacetate, and cellulose triacetate. In addition to the differences these materials carry in the degree of acetyl substitution on the cellulose backbone, they also vary in molecular weight, water flux, salt rejection, and solubility. Eastman Membrane Materials may be used neat or blended with different membrane polymers to fine-tune filtration properties for each end-use application.

The purity of the Eastman Membrane Material cellulose acetate is higher than traditional technical grades, allowing for the production of high-quality membranes with consistent pore sizes for effective filtration. Owing to their hydrophilic nature, these cellulose acetates make good contact with aqueous feed streams and can resist fouling due to organic matter, such as proteins. In addition, these cellulose acetates have much better oxidant resistance than other common membrane materials, such as polyamides and polysulfones. This enables membranes made from Eastman Membrane Materials to withstand harsh-chemical cleaning procedures used in beverage and dairy clarification applications.

Eastman Membrane Materials are ideal for manufacturing cellulose acetate membranes spanning various pore sizes. They are useful in applications across multiple industries. These materials may be made into spiral wound membranes or hollow fiber membranes used to conduct microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration, reverse osmosis, forward osmosis, or gas separation. For example, high-flux membranes can be made using Eastman cellulose acetate to concentrate proteins and enzymes used to manufacture food products and supplements. As another example, highly fouling-resistant cellulose acetate membranes may be made to conduct forward osmosis to treat highly contaminated wastewater or concentrate juices. Continue below to review our options and additional details about them.

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