Solus™ Performance Additive

Solus™ Performance Additive

Key Applications

Automotive coatings; clearcoat; basecoat; industrial coatings; inkjet; printing inks; wood coatings; lacquers; urethane coatings

Product Description

Derived from natural cellulose, these free-flowing powders offer reduced dry-time, sag resistance, improved flow, leveling and polishability, and metal flake alignment. They are used in a range of coatings formulations, including VOC-compliant and high-solids systems.

Document: Solus for High Solid Coatings


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namekey propertiesdocumentation
Solus™ 2100 Solus™ 2100 is a performance additive for alkyd systems. It improves dry time and hardness development while maintaining the chemical resistance in coatings. SDS TDS
Solus™ 2300 Solus™ 2300 is similar to Solus™ 2100 except it has a higher glass transition temperature. SDS TDS

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