Eastman Specialty Acids and Anhydrides


Eastman™ specialty acids and anhydrides are high-purity intermediates used in the synthesis and manufacture of specialty molecules. They are colorless and each with a characteristic odor that declines in intensity with an increase in molecular weight. Most chemical reactions involving these specialty acids and anhydrides involve a carboxyl group. Due to their varied reaction potential, they can be used in the production of a wide variety of products such as food additives, fragrances, plastics, plasticizers, surfactants, textiles, coatings, and chemical intermediates.
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Butyric Acid Food Feed Grade Kosher container
Butyric Acid Food/Feed Grade Kosher is a naturally occurring short-chain fatty acid used as a flavoring agent in food and animal feed, and as an intermediate in fragrances and food.
n-Butyric Anhydride Kosher container
n-Butyric Anhydride Kosher is a high-purity (minimum of 98%) intermediate used in food as a reactant. It's also commonly used for honey removal in the beekeeping industry.
Isobutyric Anhydride Kosher container
Isobutyric Anhydride Kosher is a high-purity (minimum of 98%) intermediate for cosmetics and personal care.
Butyraldehyde Dry container
Butyraldehyde (butanal) is an organic compound used as a fragrance intermediate.
Isobutyric Acid Regular container
Isobutyric Acid is a high-purity (minimum of 99%) intermediate used as a solvent in applications where desirable odors and flavor characteristics are important.
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Eastman Specialty Acids and Anhydrides Articles
Eastman™ n-Butyric Anhydride for Bee Removal thumbnail
n-Butryic Anhydride is an effective fumigant and repellant to drive bees out of honey supers. Just a few drops on a fume board will drive the bees downward long enough extract the supers for easier honey harvesting.