Isobutyric Anhydride Kosher

Isobutyric Anhydride Kosher is a high-purity (minimum of 98%) intermediate for cosmetics and personal care.
Product Overview
Eastman™ specialty acids and anhydrides are high-purity intermediates used in the synthesis and manufacture a wide variety of products. Isobutyric anhydride is primarily used in chemical processing and as a chemical intermediate in flavorings and fragrances.
Product Specifications
Form: Liquid
APHA Color, ppm: 10 maximum
Assay: 99 wt %
Molecular weight: 158.22
Specific gravity (@ 20ºC/20ºC): 0.95
Boiling point: 182.5ºC
Freezing point: -53.5ºC
Fire point: 74ºC
Vapor pressure (@ 20°C): 0.5 mm Hg
Viscosity (@ 25ºC): 1.18 cP
CAS number: 97-72-3
Molecular formula: C3H7COOH
Synonyms: 2-methylpropanoic anhydride, 2-methylpropionic anhydride, isobutyryl anhydride
Primary Chemistry: Isobutyric Anhydride
Features & Benefits
Kosher pareve
Not animal derived
Manufactured and handled in accordance with appropriate current Good Manufacturing Practices
Cosmetic and personal care intermediate
Fragrance intermediate
HTF - pharmaceutical processing
Pharmaceutical chemicals