Sucrose Acetate Isobutyrate 100

SAIB-100 from Eastman is a sucrose-based adhesion promoter that is non-food grade and meant for personal care, coatings, and electrical markets.
Product Overview
INCI Sucrose Acetate Isobutyrate

SAIB is a stable liquid that is soluble in most alcohol, oils, fats and waxes. SAIB can change viscosity abruptly upon the addition of solvents or increasing temperature. SAIB is an odorless and tasteless, viscous liquid.
Product Specifications
Form: Water-white viscous liquid
Molecular weight: 832 - 856
Viscosity (@ 30°C):
100,000 cP, approx.
Color (Pt-Co D 1209): 200 max.
Biobased % on MW: 39
Biobased % on carbon: 30
CAS number 27216-37-1
Features & Benefits
100% Sucrose acetate isobutyrate
Sucrose-based; derived from sugar
Adhesion promoter
High thermal hydrolytic stability making it useful in electrical and surface coatings applications
Excellent solubility and compatibility with solvents, polymers, and modifiers
Low volatility over a wide temperature range
Increase non-volatile content while maintaining desired formulation viscosity
Oil-phase density adjustment and emulsion stabilization for oils in aqueous systems
Non-yellowing; stable to UV light exposure
Low odor
Modification of film-former without appreciable loss of film hardness
Improves adhesion of products to fingernails, skin, and hair
Increased water resistance of films
Enhanced gloss
Decreased evaporation rate of fragrance ingredients, prolonging the scent
Used as a tackifier in epilatories (lower odor verses other typically used tackifiers)
Color cosmetics
Lip gloss
Nail polish (enamel)
Nail polish (enamel) remover
Depilatory wax
Commercial printing inks
Consumer electronics
Paints & coatings
Ceramic coatings
Solvent-based coatings
Surface coatings
Electrical insulation